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Coronavirus Update - 7-9

Christway's Response to the Coronavirus

Coronavirus Update - 7-9


It’s an exciting day for those in Indiana who long to be with their church family and to return to their “regular” life, as well as for those who will be returning to their jobs. That said, we understand that some people don’t think it’s exciting, and they are concerned that Indiana’s plan to begin opening businesses today is a bit premature, risking another outbreak. Others feel that America has impeded personal constitutional rights and the church’s mandate to assemble. Our church’s overall stand is that we will open with the understanding that everyone will not come back right away. We will have a slow walk back to a stronger church. 

As far as this Sunday goes, here are our current plans. Everything is subject to change due to the nature of our coronavirus world. 

Until further notice, we will have a 9:30 am service and an 11:00 am service.

Who should come? 

  • If you are sick, stay home. 
  • If you are a senior citizen or have a high-risk health condition, make a wise decision about when you will return to church.  
  • Concerning religious services, the state’s guidelines say, “those 65 and older and those at elevated risk will be asked to stay home” until Phase 3 begins. The current target date is for Lake County to hit Phase 3 on Monday, May 25, and the first Sunday in Phase 3 is May 31. 

What is ChristWay doing to be cautious for those who come? 

  • We encourage you to wear a mask if you want to wear one. 
  • Travis Williams has assembled a team that will thoroughly clean the building before Sunday morning. 
  • We plan to hold two identical services at 9:15 am and 11:00 am. 
  • The auditorium will be cleaned between services. We ask that you not linger in the auditorium between services. 
  • We plan to have one or two people cleaning doorknobs, light switches, etc., during the services. Would you be willing to volunteer for this? 
  • We have removed chairs and rows from the auditorium in order for you to sit socially distanced. There are clusters of two, three, four, or five chairs. Please use wisdom in choosing where you sit.  
  • There will be no adult Sunday School. 

What is ChristWay doing for youth? 

  • We plan to have our nursery and Launch!Kids functioning during both services. We have consulted daycare recommendations and will follow their cautious hygiene guidelines for operation. 
  • Teens will sit in the auditorium for the first service and meet in their class during the second service with proper social distancing. 

If you think it is a personally wise choice for you to come, I do hope to see you on Sunday. The assembly of the church in the sanctuary is inspiring and God’s design for us! If you do not come, I believe you are making a wise, personal choice. Do not feel pressured into coming! We have a long road ahead of us together as a body, and still a little while until we recover from the pandemic and are back to full functionality. 



If you would like more information or you are not a regular attender at ChristWay and would like to visit, please reach out to us at and check out our calendar below.