Wilnick Innocent

Wilnick Innocent

June 2019 Update

Dear Sponsor,

It is a great pleasure for me every time I get the opportunity to talk to you and also to thank you for your great sacrifice you took to support me in the ministry and my family. Beloved sponsor, your support has a great value for my family and the church. I believe it that God is well pleased for what you are doing.

My family and I would like to thank you all. May God continue to bless you abundantly and your family. May God continue to give you good health always. Our church would like to greet you all in the Lord Jesus Christ. The ministry is going all well. By God's grace, we keep moving forward. We know that in the midst of our problems, Jesus is the Answer.

It is a great joy for me to see more people getting saved. As I went on a soul winning campaign, I was able to see 8 people trusting Christ as their personal Saviour. The second time I went, there were five precious souls that put their faith in Jesus Christ! Those that were with me also saw many people saved! We all were able to see 25 people trusting Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. I am now teaching those that we have reached for Christ. There were already 4 that obeyed the Lord in water baptism. I also following up on the others. The Bible tells us to go preach to them, and God has helped us.

As I went soul winning, it was getting darker, and I went into a house and saw 6 people accept Christ as their personal Saviour! I realize that I must persist and be patient on the Lord's work. We have a revival before summer starts to win more souls for Christ and I already saw one! The school is going well, children's ministry is going great, the ministry for the aged is going on, the young people's ministry is going on, and now we have several marriages to be held. Everything is going well for the glory of God!

Please continue to pray for the area that we have been going soul winning. Our goal is to start a church there, because our church is a little bit far from there. Please continue to pray for the ministry because we desire great things above. We desire to see more people saved in the ministry.

-Pastor Wilnick Innocent

Pastor Wilnick Innocent

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